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If you already have a great product, the key to succes is EXPOSURE.

Im a super ambitious entrepreneur from Denmark and I enjoy studying market trends and bring my good ideas to life.

If you want to brand your company and make it grow – you want to be in my network. Its almost cost free. I offer service for service and im sure we can help each other in some way. This is what i do.

I want to create CIRCLES of five companies in same sizes and standards.

First circle will be “the best of the best”

I myself will shoot interesting videos from all 5 businesses and unite them into ONE video, with logos, info etc. and tag every business, their managers and people in the video.

Doing marketing MY WAY we target new potential customers instead of just the existing network. The new customers will all be interested in high class products and many will be here already. This is people you want to target.

I estimate we can have 5 to 10 times as many views of your videos , as you have seen before.

I will make a campaign to stretch the video for one week. All your customers are not checking all their feed on facebook everyday.

I will tell each company when to “like” the video and when to “comment” the video. This way we can keep it alive for at least a week and hopefully reach our entire network.


For Reference:

Owner of Mayhem Ink – Dazza Cumberpatch.

Manager of Phuket Pro Nutrition – Erik Eriksson.

We Connect Events & Modelling – Naseela Mahsalae (Sila).

Manager of Maximum Fitness Phuket – Wiktor Svensson.

Manager of Hooters Phuket – วรรณดี ดีรักษา (Wandee)